• Its All About Methylation

    Once again, studies show that exercise creates profound and robust changes in human physiololgy. This time demonstrated on the DNA level.

  • How Exercise Can Calm Anxiety


    Exercising, as many of us have experienced, seems to help in coping with anxiety. New research helps explain why.

  • Can’t Healthfully Keep Living on Just 5 or 6 Hours of Sleep I Guess

    I always figured I wasn’t getting enough sleep. Here, evidence suggests I really should try to get more.

  • The Antioxidant Paradox


    This article helps provide reasoning for not mega-dosing vitamins – antioxidants specifically. More reason to get your nutrition and micro-nutrients from food. If you don’t get all the vitamins your body needs from your diet, take JuicePlus+.

  • More on the Benefits of Coffee


    Evidence continues to show coffee may provide health benefits.

  • Walk or Run, Which is the Best Form of Exercise? It Depends.


    Which form of exercise you choose depends on your goals, but “It bears repeating that either walking or running is healthier than not doing either.”

  • 5 Foods for Promoting Healthy Skin

    I’m not sure how affective eating these foods might be, but their consumption couldn’t hurt.

  • Brain Power and Exercise


    For the most robust brain health, it’s probably advisable to incorporate both aerobic and resistance training, two new studies in people and animals suggest.

  • Salt,so…

    Apparently, there is still confusion about Americans consuming way to much salt.?

  • Exercise Acts as a Cellular Cleanser

    As we might have expected, new research more definitively establishes that aerobic exercise helps clean out metabolic waste on a cellular level.